How Reliable Are Psychometric Tests?

What is the value of a psychometric test if the data provided in it is not reliable. Psychometric assessments are created with the sole purpose of measuring an individual’s mental capabilities, behavioral style, and to measure whether they are suited to carry out a role according to the required personality characteristics and intellectual abilities.

Hence, reliability is critical for the success of psychometric tests. After all, what is the point of having the same test yield different results, for the same person each time? It is particularly the case if scores can affect employee selection, retention and promotion. For instance, a particular test that measures intelligence should give the same results, every time an individual attempts it.

Organization need to consider changes that candidates go over time while assessing the reliability of psychometric tests, like their environment, physical state, emotional, and mental well-being.  Also need to be considered. Test based factors such as inadequate testing instructions, biased scoring lacking in objectivity, and guessing on the part of the test-taker also influences the reliability of tests.

So, do your psychometric tests measure what they are supposed to do? So, just how reliable is your test? Here is an infographic that illustrates it all.


How Reliable Are Psychometric Tests image


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