10 Ways to Become a Highly Paid Freelancer While Keeping Your Full-Time Job

Are you interested in taking up freelance jobs but have no experience? Or have you recently started freelancing and aren’t able to get a project to work on? You need to get your potential clients to notice you and in order to do this, you need to do certain things so that you can portray your work to them even though you have not done any freelance jobs before. These 10 tips will help you get freelance jobs even if you have little or no experience.

  1. Blog

Firstly, you can start a blog or webpage of your own, this would be the best option to show off your skills and work to the world. If you are a content writer or web designer this would be a great way to show that you are really good at what you do. If you are a looking to land freelance writing jobs, include a variety of written work in your blog, and write about trending topics to increase the chances of your blog being discovered. Include an About me page in your blog that clearly mentions that you take up freelancing jobs and possible ways that clients can contact you to hire you.

  1. Offer lower rates to get freelance jobs with no experience

In order to get a chance to prove yourself, you need your first job. To get this, you might need to agree to offer at lower rates and maybe offer one or two free samples. However make sure that when you do so, you are doing it for a trusted client. Since it is your first job, do not expect to get paid really high. You will likely get offered a lot of freelance jobs no experience required, however make sure that the work you are being offered is quality work and adds value to your experience.

  1. Work Samples

Prepare a few samples on your own with high quality content. Try doing samples on different topics to show your versatility and of course show clients know you are comfortable with different types of content too. If you are a designer then its better you go for designing a few web pages or other products. By doing this you are building a strong portfolio for yourself and you can make this a part of your blog or web page.

  1. Try out different sources for Jobs

By searching you will find lots of websites with information on how to get freelance work as well as give you a chance to apply for freelance jobs with no experience required. Create profiles in these websites and keep them updated. Once you have completed your web page and portfolio you can also try pitching clients. That is, contacting potential clients directly, with work relevant to their requirements.

  1. Publicize yourself

Thanks to social media you can easily get the word out about what you do! Use the popular social media channels to let people know that you’re a freelancer, share your work and the profiles you’ve created and let them know that they can contact you if they need anything to be done. People you know are more likely to give you your first job. Creating a personal branding is very important to take you further.

  1. Build a Network

Try to connect with other freelancers, get to know how they work and where they get jobs from by asking them about likely clients as well as success tips. Some of them will be willing to refer you to their old clients as well. You could also offer to do some of their work at lower rates or partner up with them. Thus helping you get good feedbacks for your project. Ask them for tips on how to get freelance work with no experience and how to apply for them. Comment on their blogs, show appreciation and they might do same in return.

  1. Testimonials

Good feedback and testimonials from clients as well as people you know will go a long way in helping you get freelance jobs with little or no experience. You can offer to your friends and family to do certain jobs for them for free and in return receive good feedback from them. This will help you to gain a good reputation in front of the people who might be looking to hire your services.

  1. The more jobs you apply for the more likely you are to get one

Applying for different jobs on different websites will definitely increase your chances of landing you your first freelance job. Make sure you apply to clients who seem to accept entry level freelancers. Read the job descriptions correctly and try your best to answer all the questions asked by them.

  1. Tests and Certifications

You may lack experience but you have to show that you have the necessary skills. Some websites offer you tests and add your scores to your profile. This shows clients that you know the job requirement and are good at what you do. Take tests that are relevant to the jobs you are interested in and also, take part in some online courses and certifications in the field of your interest.

  1. Find jobs that require little or no Experience

There are a lot of jobs online that do not require prior experience. Jobs like editing, proofreading, website testing, data entry and admin, virtual assistant jobs, calling customers, posting advertisements etc. These just require you to dedicate your time and you can try moving up the ladder later, by applying for other freelancing jobs as well.

Be sure to try out all these steps and we bet you’ll land your first job sooner than you think! The key is to showcase your talents and skills to attract potential customers and show them all that you have to offer.


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