5 Tactics for Building Long Term Relationships with Freelance Clients

5 Effective Tactics for Building Long-term Relationships with Freelance Clients

Building efficient and long-term relationships with your clients is the key to having a successful freelancing career and a substantial income stream. Most clients are usually looking for a good freelancer to settle down with and outsource their work to on a regular basis. They actually use a simple strategy to find the best freelancers. 

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What if OUTSOURCING is the Biggest Growth Hack of 2016?

What if OUTSOURCING is the Biggest Growth Hack of 2017?

Do you work in or run a creative/marketing agency? Have you ever considered outsourcing? How many times have you been forced to turn away new clients as your designers are overworked? Do you find it difficult to satisfy your clients with multiple design options and styles? We bet you wouldn’t disagree that to drive and 

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Attracting Your Ideal Client [Key Tips]

By Ike Okosa One thing many prospective freelancers fail to do when starting out is researching to know their target market. This can create many setbacks when building a client base, and can cause some freelancers to get frustrated with their work. Here, we’re going to share with you practical tips for finding out whom you 

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Strategies for Negotiating the Best Rate with a Buyer

By Ike Negotiation: What happens when your buyer wants more? When negotiating rates with a buyer, it can be difficult to find that fine line between pushing for what you feel you’re worth and offering a great value for money service that the buyer will appreciate. It’s always good to have a clear idea of 

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