5 Apps To Make You A More Productive Freelancer

By Ike Okosa 

As a freelancer, your time is precious, and your level of productivity is impacted by how well or how badly you manage your time. Deadlines can be as pressing as they come, accounts management can be confusing and can take up far more time than you expect – especially when it comes to chasing invoices! However, in the ever-evolving world of phone applications there are many apps and tools that can help increase your efficiency.

Here we have summarized a few must-have apps that will ease your work flow, allowing you to work more efficiently and therefore more profitably!

Zen Writer

Zen Writer, a free alternative to Microsoft Word, is well suited for those whose job involves a lot of writing or editing. Although not as in detailed in functionality as Word, this app gives you a nice stress relieving working environment, allowing you to focus more on the job at hand. With the Zen Writer you have the flexibility to change background, colours, sound effects and even play music while working, making it the perfect way to complete tasks – stress-free!

Teux Deux

Also known as ‘To-Do’, this app is exactly what it says on the tin – a to-do list! Making lists can be boring, but this app will help you create an eye-catching, easy to follow list of tasks to help you complete work in an organised manner. Plus, ticking off completed tasks on your to-do list will help you feel like you’re accomplishing more, giving you a real motivation to stay productive!


Dropbox is a must-have app for any freelancer. With technology so advanced you could be working on your phone, tablet or laptop, Dropbox allows you to sync your work by simply dragging and dropping. You will then be able to access your work from any of your devices giving you huge flexibility on how, and where to work. There is also the ability to share your synced files with others – perfect when you are collaborating on a group project.


Your note pad or laptop is out of reach, you’re not working rather, you’re enjoying quality time with family and friends, but then… you experience an “Aha” or Eureka moment! You’ve finally got the perfect inspiration for the design you’ve been brainstorming on. Not leaving it to chance, you need somewhere to store or note this piece of information. Here comes Evernote to your rescue! Whether it is a sentence, an image or a video, Evernote gives you the organised space to simply record your ideas and retrieve them when you need them. Similarly to Dropbox, this app also enables you to sync your ideas to all of your devices.


This tool helps to boost your social networking skills, which in turn makes your freelance business more profitable. The SocialOomph integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and more. The app helps manage your social media accounts both freely and in a paid version. You can also get the app to ensure you follow anyone who follows you and your business, allowing you to make more connections.
Using these and similar apps can make you a more productive freelancer and really help your freelance business thrive, by keeping you on track of your projects, delivering on time to your clients, and allowing you the freedom to work from anywhere – at any time!

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  • Anupma 17th March 2016 Reply

    Yes, these are really good tools for collaboration. Recently I have been using a product called https://zapty.com/ its a really good tool. Basically I can do most of my work on this. Like, document sharing, chat, video calling and much more. I think one must try that aswell.

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