5 Essential Ingredients to Boost your Freelance Work this Year

By Toka

Want to be a more successful freelancer this year? Do you know what works and what doesn’t? Have you ever considered improving the business strategies you are currently implementing?

To be a more successful freelancer, you need to take learn and implement strategies that have been tested and proven to work. Here are 5 ingredients to add to the mix to make this a great year for your freelance business.

Remind your customers that you’re here to help
Sometimes, due to your busy schedule as a freelancer, you might forget to keep in touch with certain past clients. Learn to keep a list of your clients and a schedule for contacting them from time to time. Let them know you exist by constantly keeping in touch and sharing with them helpful tips. A quick message to your clients letting them know your working times over certain festive seasons is sometimes enough to remind them that you did a great job and they could use you again. It is easier to get hired by clients who you have worked for in the past so approach them with a tempting offer and you’ll be hired again before you know it!

Send your clients special offers
Think carefully about your clients’ needs then offer them a discount if they order an added extra within a certain time period. No one can resist an offer that’s exactly what they need.

Be available (at least most of the time)
Surely you do not need to work 24/7 to impress your clients but trust me, a bit of flexibility and a few hours more may earn you a great reputation of being reliable, willing to go the extra mile and flexible. It’s often the case that businesses struggle to cope in the weeks leading up to certain festive times of the year, and if you help them out at such times, they’ll likely be grateful long after and of course show their gratitude by hiring you over and over.

Expand your offerings
Consider carefully what other related services you can offer. You may be solely writing blogs at the moment, but you have product description writing experience or business plan writing experience. You could capitalise on this to expand your range of services and again, introduce them first to current clients who are most likely to trust you with new responsibility.

Create some festive themed Quickies
There’s always room for a little fun in festive seasons, and whether you offer to create a festive version of a company logo, or design a company festive themed card, festive themed Quickies go a long way in boosting your freelance work. Teaming up with another freelancer to create a full service, such as script writing and video designer can also help you net some more sales, and give you a whole new product to offer.

In short, there’s so much you can do to boost your freelance work this year. Just give every service you offer your best shot! Be sure to let your creativity shine through and be fast to learn new methods as things evolve.

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