Are voice searches phasing out information websites?

Almost every high school student hated assignments back in those days including myself. My own reason was because I had to sit in front of a desktop computer for hours in company of webpages of various search engines, blogs and information websites enduring finger pains as a result of strenuous typing and usage of the keyboard.

Thanks to great technological innovations our worries are over. All you need to do now is to speak a message which acts as a voiceover command to any live search box and Voila! You have the information you need either displayed to you or even read back to you.

These new audio interfaces are pushing everyone to speak their questions instead of getting up, walking over to the computer, and flexing their fingers. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Nokia and Apple are major players in the booming, success story and wide range acceptance of these new interfaces.

These companies design their voiceovers in a human-like form to improve user experience. One would most definitely feel at home using these applications, as it is possible to have a conversation with these apps.

Apple’s Siri , Microsoft’s Cortana can help you keep important notes , schedule your meetings and outings, help you make phone calls, type and send messages, play songs on your device, even lets you know routes with light or heavy traffic and update you with latest weather reports. They practically act as your Personal Office Assistant. We can even implement them into our home automation systems as in the case of “Jarvis” designed by Mark Zuckerberg which he uses in his house.

With just the word “Okay Google” the search box of your android device pops up waiting for you to speak on whatever your search subject is and gives you immediate answers. We can see that these interfaces, saves us time, cost and stress.

These new audio features actually increases the work load a bit for programmers and developers because all these mechanisms have new APIs, for example, Alexa’s new audio app for controlling the light switches.

If your company wants to connect with these audio interfaces, you better start hacking. Keyboards and URLs were invented in the last century, after all.

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