Beginner’s Checklist for Hiring Freelance Writers

By Toka

Everybody knows that if you run business with an online presence, the one thing you must consistently and regularly do is create content. However, business is never as simple as that, and like most business owners you will probably find it very difficult to make out time for a regular content creation schedule. How do you overcome this and stay focus on other aspects of your business? There is a way out! Just read on to discover how to fit this in so that content creation remains consistent and brings the traffic that you need for your business to flourish.

The solution is to hire a good writer! Here’s our beginner’s checklist for hiring Freelance Writers

Ok, I know you’ve agreed that this is a good idea but you’re asking “Aren’t there are hundreds of thousands of writers touting their skills and experience currently online? How do I get my head around this? How do I hire a good writer from the crowd? We have put together a check list of qualities you need to look for when hiring and trust us, this check list when followed meticulously will get you the good writer you need, a true content creator, whose work will give your business a lasting positive impact.

  1. Your potential writer doesn’t need to have a website full of flashy videos and graphics, but they at least should have a portfolio they can point you to. Do not hire a writer unless they can show that they have completed some work, so expect to see a portfolio of work online. If they have a blog or website too, this is great news, but treat it as a bonus. You aren’t necessarily looking for someone who is popular online and has a loyal following. You should be more interested in the quality of what they do.
  2. Request for testimonials. We can’t stress this enough. You need to be able to see evidence from people who have used the writer’s services before which is why we have a feedback system on eWorker. If you can’t see this evidence, why would you hire this writer? This is because great writing doesn’t always mean a reliable writer, one who will stick to deadlines for example. Seeing feedback from people who have hired that writer gives you a better feel of what to expect when you hire him or her.
  3. Money is an issue. Check if you would gladly hire a writer who charges cheaply for their work. Considering the very best quality is worthwhile if you can afford it or somewhere in-between if you can’t. Quality costs, and will always do. Go for quality, avoid buying cheap.
  4. Ask for sample write-ups. Some writers literally get in a rage if you ask for samples, so do it differently. Rather than asking for a sample article, ask for a sample 200 words. This shouldn’t take too long to do, and 200 words is just enough to show what the writer is capable of. Most writers appreciate that they have to prove they are a good fit, and 200 words takes care of that.

Basically, you should ensure that the writer has good credentials, and has an evidence of experience. Also, you need to make sure that they aren’t too cheap. Then, it is just a question of getting a sample, making sure they are a good fit (article writers are not the same as sales copywriters, for example) and making a decision to hire or not to hire. The checklist above should help you along the way.

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