How Bots helps to improve user experience on webpages

Auto-Bots are here to make our life easier and our online experiences more personable. Bots are interesting from various standpoints and use cases.

Chris Messina already predicted in 2016 that 2016 will be the year of conversational commerce. As messaging platforms become more and more popular, its role and influence on web design and web development can no longer be neglected.

Previous study shows that websites, designed with a “conversation first” approach seem to become popular and also easily catching the attention of users.


Also, Chat-Bots possessing a friendly & conversational UI are now being employed by various businesses to serve as their customer support on their webpages. This trend actually helps companies to save the cost of hiring a customer support staff.

These Bots act all human in nature; they answer your questions, have a chat with you and sometimes even call you to give you verification codes.

Therefore the design and development of conversational UI will become an important topic for developers in years to come.


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