Work remotely

COVID-19: Tips for working remotely

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected the lives of people worldwide. Many businesses both large and small have closed their doors, urging their employees to work remotely to avoid the risk of potential infection. Having the flexibility of being able to work from home has been a dream many employees pursued for a long time. Yes, there are 

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Top must-have remote work tools

Remote work is on the rise. As remote work grows in popularity, the need for remote work tools becomes more apparent. How can your team maintain communication, manage projects effectively, and share work quickly when each staff is located in a different cities? The answer is remote work tools In this article, we’ll take a look at some must-have tools 

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Imposter Syndrome

Dealing with imposter syndrome as a developer

Imposter Syndrome is a common feeling in software development. It’s not only beginners or mid-level developers that face this problem but also people who are experienced coders. In a Blind Survey, it was discovered that employees working in top-notch companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple also face imposter syndrome despite their accomplishments. 58% of tech employees 

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work from home

Work from Home and Stay Healthy Tips

Over the last decade, more and more workers have trickled out of their offices and have opted to work from home instead. Especially software developers and designers who wished they had embraced the concept earlier than now because according to a majority of them, it allows them to work in their productive hours and keeps them focused, they can wear whatever they like to work 

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Are Data movement containers here to rule?

Data movement container is a service that accelerates transferring large amounts of data using physical storage appliances, bypassing the Internet. A data container is expected to transport data at faster-than internet speeds. This transport is done by shipping the data in the appliances through a regional carrier. With a data container, you can transfer hundreds 

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Human skills that require improvement; these skills can’t be replaced by Automation

As advancement in automation technologies such as machine learning and robotics play an increasingly significant role in everyday life, their potential effects on the industrial revolution, expectedly, becomes a major focus of research and public concern. The discussion tends toward a Manichean guessing game: which jobs will or won’t be replaced by machines? A 2013 

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The Evolution of Single-page Web Apps

Introduction When the web was born it was originally only hypertext documents linked together. Then there was an introduction of a forms tag which started the “web applications” era. In recent times, there has been huge demand for more advance web applications which are readily replacing the old desktop applications. Although the world is gradually 

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