Are Data movement containers here to rule?

Data movement container is a service that accelerates transferring large amounts of data using physical storage appliances, bypassing the Internet. A data container is expected to transport data at faster-than internet speeds. This transport is done by shipping the data in the appliances through a regional carrier.

With a data container, you can transfer hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of data between your on-premises data centers and the expected destination. They also help to provide powerful interfaces that you can use to create jobs, transfer data, and track the status of your jobs through to completion. They also help to transfer large amounts of data at significantly faster rates than transferring data over the Internet thereby saving you time and money.

In recent times, data is so big that it’s not so easy to assume it is wherever we need it. Latest technology has introduced devices such as Amazon’s new Snowmobile, a shipping container filled with hard disks that can hold 100 petabytes of data. They also make a smaller box called the Snowball that can hold 80TB. Both move data like a physical thing, not a signal in a fiber optic, which really scales. One estimate suggests that it would take 28 years to move the 100 petabytes down a 1Gbps fiber line while a tractor trailer could move the container across the country in a few days.

Cisco also just acquired a new company that is good at moving large amounts of digital data over a wireless network to a cell phone or connected computer.

All of this means that developers should start thinking about where data is collected and where it needs to be. We’re gathering much more data than before, and moving it to the right location is more important than ever.

Features of Data Movement Containers:

It is completely encrypted in order to protect data.
The containers can be controlled remotely.
Data can be moved in large amount from terabytes to petabytes.
Requires very little maintenance.

So, what’s your take, do you think data movement containers here to rule? Drop your comments, let’s know what you feel.

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