eWorkers in the Spotlight: Let us tell the world your freelancing story

By Ike Okosa

Success to shout about: Tell us your freelancing story and become an eWorker ambassador…

At eWorker we see our freelancers as part of a unique community; we know that you work tirelessly and deliver the best service possible, and we’re eager to help you find the business that you need – and deserve. As a thank you for all of your effort and commitment to excellence we like to showcase our star freelancers and help them to find additional coverage on our blog and in national newspapers.

So – we’d love to hear from any of you hard working eWorkers who have a story to tell.

What are we looking for?

The Journey – People sign up on eWorker for various reasons. For some it simply makes good business sense, but for others there’s a peculiar motivation for choosing a freelance career: perhaps childcare had become problematic and freelancing gave you the much-needed flexibility; perhaps you had health issues that negatively impacted your mobility and working from home helped improve your confidence and keep you off benefits; perhaps you simply thought that you could do a better job than your old boss, and as it’s turned out, you were right! If you think that your freelancer story could inspire others, we’d love to hear from you.

The Hyperspecialist – For many, freelancing satisfies their unique versatility; they can adapt and work on totally new projects every day of the year. As a Hyperspecialist you are excited by variety, you know your strengths and you make your wide range of skills work for you. Every day brings a new client and a new way to interpret the same job; to outsiders you make a living via eWorker carrying out the same task repeatedly – however the true enlightenment is in the different detail!

The Goal – Though becoming one’s own boss is the ultimate goal for some, others turn to freelancing for a particular purpose; by chance you are travelling around the globe, funding your trip through eWorker Quickies whenever you find a Wi-Fi hotspot? Are you using eWorker in your leisure time, working extra hours to cover the cost? Are you a student supplementing your allowance? Tell us your personal goals and how eWorker has helped you to achieve them.

The Result – Have you made your first eWorker million? Has eWorker changed the way that you work? Allowed you to set up a business of your own? Tell us how!

eWorkers in the Spotlight: Let us tell the world your freelancing story. Whatever your story, we’d love to hear from you. Any case studies sent to us will potentially be used on the User Stories page of our blog and also for press purposes – we promise to seek your permission beforehand. So what are you waiting for? We are excited to hear how about how eWorker has changed your life. Get in touch today by sending an email to [email protected]

To guest blog for eWorker please contact us at [email protected]





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