How to use Social Media to grow your Freelance Work on eWorker!

By Toka

eWorker is a community as much as it is a tool for winning work and like any community it certainly has a social aspect.

eWorker‘s rise to prominence has to a large extent been mirrored by the growth of social media and if you’re a freelancer, both can work wonderfully well together to help you land more work in the community. Promoting yourself on social media allows you to leverage the power of eWorker’s system, while also showcasing your talents outside of the community. So, with that said – here are some tips on how to use Social Media to grow your freelance work on eWorker.

Your Profile + Social Media

Each of us has our own eWorker profile – displaying the best of the work we’ve completed, on and also outside of the community. While, the site offers its own navigation system and allows you to showcase and get jobs through proposals, featured Quickies and otherwise – social media can be perfect to aid you in pushing your skills outside the community.

I recommend utilising Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ to showcase your eWorker profile. Including hashtags in your promotional posts aids you in being found by relevant people in your target industries, while shortening the URL allows you to fit more info in your message if you’re using limited characters.

Visualizing with Images works well

Do you know that images easily attract attention (in fact, prolonged attention) on social media? Why not take advantage of eWorker’s clean, attractive layout to showcase your profiles on social media? All you need do is to take a screen shot of your profile in all its glory. Then, simply attach it to your Tweet as an image, or Facebook or Instagram or Google+ with a link to your profile. This will not only bring your profile in front of many people especially your target clients, it will also increase traffic to your page on eWorker as well as increase your sales and private job requests.

Images added to Twitter for instance tend to take up a larger part of the feed than a mere text status alone. Facebook is similar and an image status is larger and more visually impressive.

There are other benefits too as adding an image makes your post far more likely to be seen by your friends or fans. Facebook’s algorithm is orientated in such a way to favour images over other sorts of status. Due to this posts with images have far greater reach than those without images.

More Credibility

The credibility that you can receive from increasing your social media efforts on eWorker is notable too. By creating engaging posts using social media alongside your profile, you will receive not only more exposure outside of the community, but also more social signals on your eWorker profile.

Need I mention that potential clients are likely to be impressed if they see your profile has been Liked, Shared, Retweeted or +1’d a number of times? This helps improve online TRUST and when this is coupled with a good Rating and a high Ranking you’re going to improve your chances of winning more work.

Paid Posts

Both Twitter and Facebook allow users promote their services or any of their messages with sponsored or paid for posts. Using paid posts will greatly increase reach across your network and beyond. You can use paid posts to showcase your talents via your eWorker profile to other relevant people in your line of work. And contrary to popular belief Facebook, like most social media is relatively very cheap to advertise on. What’s more is that if you bring new clients onto eWorker, you will also be able to benefit from the 10% service fee as well as the security benefits of the site’s payment system.

Social media is a very powerful tool and when utilised rightly and can make a significantly positive impact on your eWorker profile and your reputation as a Freelancer. My experience has allowed me to leverage social media to win work, showcase my profile and also improve my ranking and ratings on eWorker. It’s easy to do and beneficial for those who would take the extra 5 to 15 minutes a day to promote their work on Social Media.


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