How to Win New Clients in 2017

By Ike Okosa

Whether you’ve had a good or bad 2015, chances are you’ve already planned in advance for 2016. You may want to make just enough to foot the bills, or you’re planning a vacation or a big celebration for a landmark birthday or wedding (and need to raise a lot of cash to pay for it!), coming up with a strategy in order to gain new business, as well as sustain the clients you already have is essential if you want to meet your set goals for the year.

Read on to discover some of our proven strategies for winning new clients in 2016.

Keep your profile updated

If you’ve been very busy in the last year, then chances are you may have forgotten to show off your latest projects on your online portfolio. You may have started offering more services, or have some high quality new projects to put onto your portfolio, make sure everything on your profile is relevant and impressive to potential clients. In addition, ensure that your profile information is complete and current so you can easily gain trust from potential clients. On eWorker we also offer you the opportunity to record a video and place it on your profile in order to show clients exactly who you are and this can be a great selling tool for you.

Branch Out

Observe to see the core services your competitors are promoting. You will most likely notice that they are selling two or more “generic” quickies similar to yours! Take advantage of the gap and sell a service not so popular. For example, you may be currently designing logos but you could stretch to designing full stationary sets for businesses, or you may be a web developer and you could begin to offer a Quicky to fix bugs on other websites. Simply put, just branch out of your comfort zone and go for it. It’s free to post a Quicky so there’s certainly no harm in trying to stretch your service offerings and bring in more business.

Leverage Social Media

Most freelancers spend hours creating the right look and feel for their quickies and filling in impressive information on their profiles but fail to attract clients because they simply leave it there for others to find. Sharing your profile or a link to your quickies on social media is as easy as A B C and you never know how many clients you could gain by promoting it! Place a link to your profile on your Twitter and Instagram bio and make it a habit to share a link to your profile once or twice a day on social media. Feel free to mention us for a retweet on Twitter as well! Also, there are networking hours on Twitter that many SMEs participate in, so tweeting during these times would certainly get you in front of a wider audience.

Bid, bid, and keep bidding!

That’s very easy right? The best way to get in front of prospective clients is to bid on their jobs. You may not get the first job you go for, however do not lose hope; some clients might have you on their waiting list for upcoming projects. When bidding for jobs, make your proposal interesting, and always attach a sample of work to make sure they know what you are capable of. Analyze the results of your bids and tweak them according to your levels of success… offering a small discount on your usual rates is worth it, if the client has more business they could throw your way!

In essence, 2016 should be all about boosting your freelance brand to win new clients, and done right, should ensure your new year is a successful one indeed.
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