Python – Full Stack Curriculum

At eWorker, we believe learning to code should be FREE! Today we release eWorker’s Full Stack Software development curriculum.

Our curated curriculum allows aspiring developer in Africa to learn to code from anywhere. Our goal is to give talented Africans the necessary skills to become world class software developers.


In this course, you will be introduced to the basic concept of computer science and computer programming, where you will learn the general concept of computer programming and take a deep dive into Python. We then get you engaged with practical aspect of coding both with front-end and back-end programming – Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, JSON, REST API, MySQL, SQLite, Django Framework and Pythonanywhere cloud.


Course Syllabus

Week 1: Introduction to Computer Science – Module 1

Week 2: The Internet – Module 2

Week 3: Introduction to Computer Programming – Module 3

Week 4: Python Programming – Module 3

Week 5: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming – Module 4

Week 6: Data Structure – Module 5

Week 7: Algorithm and Recursion in Programming – Module 6 & 7

Week 8: Sorting and Searching Operation – Module 8

Week 9: Software Engineering Principle – Module 9

Week 10: Web Programming – Module 10

Week 11: Web Application Development – Module 11

Week 12: Web Application Development with Python – Module 11


Course Features

Lectures: 145

Duration: 42:22:56

Skill level: Beginner – Advance

Language: English

Certificate: Yes

Assessments: Yes


Students who successfully complete this course will receive an eWorker certificate of completion and will be connected to local apprenticeships to gain valuable work experience.


Start learning now:


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