Top 5 tech interview mistakes and how to fix them

So, let’s say you needed a better job and you applied on eWorker’s platform and were successful with the vetting process. The job still won’t be yours if you make any of the top job interview mistakes listed below! Yes, it is our job to match great tech job candidates with amazing companies. We make sure they’ve 

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How to Create a Professional Senior-level Resume

It is best to have a killer resume on hand at all times. Besides, crafting an impeccable resume will help improve your online presence as well, which is key to attracting potential new employers.   How do you create a professional senior-level resume? Let’s get to it. As you move up in your tech career, 

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Creating a SRS document

Steps to Creating a SRS Document by Analyzing Requirements

When you have a great business idea, writing a lengthy tech document is the one thing you wouldn’t love to do. However, SRS (Software Requirement Specification) is important for a successful development process. SRS document is important because different people have a different understanding of the same concepts and processes. Hence, most development companies and 

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What if OUTSOURCING is the Biggest Growth Hack of 2016?

What if OUTSOURCING is the Biggest Growth Hack of 2017?

Do you work in or run a creative/marketing agency? Have you ever considered outsourcing? How many times have you been forced to turn away new clients as your designers are overworked? Do you find it difficult to satisfy your clients with multiple design options and styles? We bet you wouldn’t disagree that to drive and 

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Attracting Your Ideal Client [Key Tips]

By Ike Okosa One thing many prospective freelancers fail to do when starting out is researching to know their target market. This can create many setbacks when building a client base, and can cause some freelancers to get frustrated with their work. Here, we’re going to share with you practical tips for finding out whom you 

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Strategies for Negotiating the Best Rate with a Buyer

By Ike Negotiation: What happens when your buyer wants more? When negotiating rates with a buyer, it can be difficult to find that fine line between pushing for what you feel you’re worth and offering a great value for money service that the buyer will appreciate. It’s always good to have a clear idea of 

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A Beginners Guide To Securing Freelance Jobs

By Ike Okosa Have you recently decided to go freelance to supplement your current income? Are you looking to build a career out of freelancing? One thing’s for sure – you’re likely to need some help. Depending on what type of work you’ve decided to do, the first thing you’ll need to know is where 

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How to use Social Media to grow your Freelance Work on eWorker!

By Toka eWorker is a community as much as it is a tool for winning work and like any community it certainly has a social aspect. eWorker‘s rise to prominence has to a large extent been mirrored by the growth of social media and if you’re a freelancer, both can work wonderfully well together to 

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Beginner’s Checklist for Hiring Freelance Writers

By Toka Everybody knows that if you run business with an online presence, the one thing you must consistently and regularly do is create content. However, business is never as simple as that, and like most business owners you will probably find it very difficult to make out time for a regular content creation schedule. 

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