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How much can you save?

We added up all the major costs associated with hiring a Backend Developer in London as an example. When you consider the
actual hours worked by a full-time developer, the effective hourly rate you’d be paying is higher than you might think.

Full time eWorker Full time UK Developer
Base salary Full Time Developer £21,000 per year Full Time Developer £70,000 per year
Health Benefits Health/Dental £0.00 per year Health/Dental £3,490 per year
National Insurance £0.00 per year 10% £7,000 per year
Bonus £0.00 7.65% £5,000 per year
Workspace/Environment Computer, Furniture, Rent £0.00 per year £6,000 per year
Sick days 0 days per year Average of 5 days per year
Holidays 2 weeks Average of 4 weeks
Bank Holidays 0 days Average of 1 week
Productivity Hours 8 full productive hours per day per employee Varies per employee, however most companies are lucky to get 6 full productive hours per day out of an employee
Pre-screened Yes No
Per hour rate £15.00 £65.25
Total Cost £21,060 £91,490
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