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Data Management Expert VI

13 June 2024
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£57000 - £106000 / year

Job Description

Purpose of Role: Develops, implements and operates features, tools and systems to ensure the proper flow, migration and availability of data for business purposes and operations.

About Us

The mission for DBNL in the coming five years will be to become the #1 universal bank in the Netherlands, by directing our growth towards building a sustainable future. We are ambitious: We want to be the bank for those committed to transition to a sustainable future; We aspire to improve the financial health of all our customers; We want to improve our product offering to meet our customers financial needs; We want to offer the best digital banking experience. All these ambitions require data – high volumes of diverse, up-to-date, and truthful data that can fuel the underlying analytics and machine learning models.

Data needs to be ‘managed’ to safeguard the data and at the same time enable the bank to get value from them. Here we come into play: We are the tribe Data Management, the experts in managing DBNL’s data. Our purpose – unleashing the power of data – represents our belief in the potential of data. It will be our mission in the coming five years to empower DBNL to get the best value of its data in a well-governed way, to drive sustainable growth. 

Role Expectations:

  • Responsible for the management of financial and non-financial risk in a defined area, such as a small country or part of a business line, by delegating execution of assessment, checks and balances, and mitigation. Applying the risk management framework and the organization’s risk appetite to specific, local situations if so required by local regulation to ensure proper management of risks affecting the business.
  • Develop and gain agreement to annual business plans for a function or substantial business area, ensuring alignment with strategy; quantify business outcomes (i.e. revenues or other key performance indicators); detail expense and headcount budgets; and develop business cases for key projects, ensuring cross-functional integration.
  • Develop, implement and operates features, tools and systems to ensure the proper flow, migration and availability of data for business purposes and operations
  • Design, implement, and evolve robust and effectively aligned data architecture solutions that operate in the business ecosystem
  • Act as subject matter expert in an area of data policy, regulation, technology or operational management for the tribe. Maintain external accreditations and in-depth understanding of current and emerging external regulation and industry best practices through continuing professional development, attending conferences, and reading specialist media
  • Lead the planning and delivery of a wide range of information gathering and stakeholder consultation activities and specify, negotiate, and agree on program and project deliverables ensuring integration across the whole data delivery portfolio.
  • Take overall responsibility for designing, developing and delivering the organization’s client or customer management strategy. May personally manage relationships with the most strategic clients and customers.
  • Represent the organization in external relations with investors, clients, the public and others. Will focus on a significant function or equivalent area of the business.
  • Participate in the development of corporate strategy for a local organization, applying functional expertise to test the viability of the strategy and contributing creative ideas and insights to support the strategy formation process.
  • Manages the definition, development and delivery of significant financial products and offers to ensure alignment with customer requirements and/or manages a medium size financial product development/specialist team.
  • Identify and manage stakeholders up to top management level, finding out their needs/issues/concerns and reacting to these by leading and coordinating the development of stakeholder engagement plans to support the communication of business information and decisions.

About you

  • Education: Master’s degree in technical / business field (engineering, computer science, econometrics or equivalent)
  • Experience: Substantial general work experience together with comprehensive 7-10 years job or domain related experience in own area of expertise
  • Competencies:
    • Experience in defining strategies and policies within medium to long time frames
    • Sound experience in building and executing strategy roadmaps
    • Demonstrable business-to-IT affinity
    • A proven track record in backlog management and resource planning
    • Experience in data product/service management and development
    • Entrepreneurial mindset

What do we offer?

A strategic, dynamic and international setting, an innovative and fast moving tribe and great development opportunity. If this is the environment you thrive in, then apply and join us in unleashing the power of data!